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Making Your Conversations Count!

What if your leaders were to become more engaging, empathic, to-the-point communicators? What if they had the skills to:

  • Get to the point with brevity, clarity and impact in a customer, or patient-focused manner?
  • Be consistently adept, empathic listeners who discern and meet customer, or patient needs?
  • Build trust, credibility and customer, or patient loyalty?
  • Tell your organization’s story and advance your brand and reputation through successful media appearances on radio, television, in print and social media?

Our communication skills-based training programs lead to targeted, long-lasting behavioral change. Rather than simply “telling” participants what to do, or not to do, we provide a proven path for achieving vital communication goals. Your customers will notice and appreciate the difference!

Why Lowery Communications?

Lowery Communications’  high impact trainings stand out from the competition because they are customized, relevant, challenging, supportive and entertaining. We love what we do – and it shows! We have more than twenty five years experience designing and delivering programs across industries and throughout the world.

Customization is our differentiator. It’s the key to providing relevant, culturally sensitive and engaging trainings that surpass our clients’ expectations. Rather than provide off-the-shelf, generic trainings, Lowery Communications programs are tailored to meet specific organizational needs – market-to-market – around the globe. Our clients appreciate the time and effort we take to understand their unique situations.  By taking this tailored approach we find that those we train are eager to explore and master new perspectives and behaviors.

A Winning Training Methodology to Achieve Your Training Goals

It’s really quite simple: Lowery Communications programs achieve desired training outcomes by providing a well-designed, supportive and challenging learning environment. Learners practice, receive in-depth coaching and practice some more. Our programs combine role playing with video feedback and coaching by seasoned communications experts who truly care. We develop customized scenarios and videos targeted to achieve specific learning goals. We harness the collective wisdom of participants and help them become more adept at providing constructive, behaviorally specific feedback to their peers. Everyone leaves with increased confidence and new, immediately actionable skills.

Industries Served

Our training team has extensive experience across many industries.  From high tech to health care; real estate to banking; wine and leisure to government and non-profit; the arts to academia….let us find a match for you with trainers who know and appreciate your industry.






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